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Established in 1947, Florida Everglades is one of the most important Eco-systems of Florida. It is home to over 300 species of animals, over 350 species of bird and you can find important remains of Indian settlements.

Proposed Everglades 2.6 Mile Bridge

Proposed Everglades 2.6 Mile Bridge, and how it will affect Everglades Safari Park Everglades Safari Park has been educating the locals and tourists about the Everglades since 1968. We are the leading Everglades attraction that has historical value. Millions of … Continue reading

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South Florida Severe Drought Update

We are currently experiencing severe drought conditions in South Florida. Certain areas of the Everglades have almost dried out. Our park is open to visitors, however due to low water conditions we are limited to certain areas in which the … Continue reading

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Tips and tricks for Everglades fishing

Many Everglades fish species are found in lakes, brackish rivers, backcountries, bays, springs, clear rivers, etc. At the mushy areas, most of the fish are aggressive. You will need heavy rods, correct lures and lines to battle the feisty creatures. … Continue reading

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Everglades Fish

Fish are an integral part of the Florida Everglades Ecosystem. The aquatic life of south Florida is inextricably entwined with the natural and cultural history of the landscape. Fish, in particular, are an integral link in the Everglades food web. … Continue reading

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How to come to Florida Everglades

As the number of people visiting this amazing wilderness keeps increasing, modes of travel and other various services seem to be improving day by day. If you are planning to visit the Everglades during your vacation, you need not be … Continue reading

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Animals at Everglades

Journey deep into nature’s mysterious wilderness at Everglades Safari Park and come face to face with the exotic wildlife that calls this place home. The never ceasing chirping of birds as you walk along the trails, or the silent ripples … Continue reading

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Private airboat rides at everglades

Feel the wind rush through your hair as you glide along exploring nature’s River of Grass with your family and friends on your own private air boat ride! It’s going to be an adventure of a lifetime! Everglades Safari Park … Continue reading

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Everglades National Park

“There are no mighty mountains seeking the skies, no glaciers or gushing streams, here is land tranquil in its quiet beauty”…. waiting to please the soul and body of all who make a visit to the Everglades. What better way … Continue reading

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Everglades must watch list

Is your idea of a perfect expedition -A two hour ride on a tour van? A day spent biking, hiking and paddling though bright saw grass prairies?? Or a weekend spent camping under magnificent star filled skies??? What ever your … Continue reading

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Eco Tours in Everglades

If you are eco-conscious and want to have a green vacation that is both beautiful and educational, Everglades Safari Park has many eco tours on offer! You do not have to be a naturalist or a scientist to help preserve … Continue reading

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