South Florida Attractions

Cruises on board luxury ships
Tropical breezes, breathtaking sunsets, moonlit nights, fantastic food and much more of Florida’s enthralling escapades come to mind as you think of Florida cruises. They can be wonderful indeed.

From magnificent Caribbean cruises on board a luxury ship, to an exciting cruise to “no where”, Florida cruises come in many shapes and forms, including sunset cruises, dinner cruises, day cruises and the like. And they have surely become one of Florida’s main tourist attractions.

Florida has five main cruise ports and they are located in these cities – Jacksonville, Cape Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Tampa.

There is more to Florida cruises and cruising than what meets the eye! Here is a look at what’s available.

Florida Cruises to the Caribbean
Most cruises offer tours of the area either before or after the cruise itself! One popular trip is a tour of the Florida Everglades in an airboat ride! So not only can you take a wonderful cruise to the Caribbean, but you can see some of Florida’s main tourist attractions on your vacation!

There is a city in Florida that is a popular cruise destination itself — Key West. It’s a fun stop, with plenty to see and to do. It’s a wonderful family-friendly vacation destination.

Florida Cruises to the Bahamas
There are quite a few day cruises to the Bahamas from West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. You’ll go over to Freeport on Grand Bahama Island, just 40 miles offshore. You can spend some time shopping, taking tours or visiting. Spend the day in the Bahamas! Go shopping and enjoy the thrill of the hunt and haggling a bit over the price.

Florida Cruises to Nowhere?
These cruises to nowhere are the infamous gambling cruises. You’ll take a ship out beyond the US territorial waters and the gambling begins.

Casinos are illegal in Florida, except for on Indian reservations, so this is as close to one as you will find on your Florida vacation.

Florida Sunset Cruises
These are perhaps the nicest of the Florida cruises. Anywhere there is water, a cruise is waiting to happen! Rivers, oceans, lakes — there are all kinds of possibilities! Key West (and the Florida Keys in general) is famous for its glorious endings of the day. But really, anywhere in Florida is excellent! Sunset cruises are at their best in the winter, because the colors in the sky seem to glow so bright.

Florida Dinner Cruises
Many sunset cruises are also dinner cruises. These especially are held on calm bodies of water, so they are great for those who get seasick from time to time.

Alligator watching
Alligators are considered as a key stone species of the everglades. Scientists say that the species are nearly 150 million years old and there’s nothing like the thrill of being just a few feet away from a live alligator! At Everglades Safari Park you’ll get close to nature’s ancestral dinosaur, the Florida alligator, out in the heart of the Everglades.  Whether you like your gators roaming free or safely behind bars, there are plenty for you to see.

Where to Find Alligators
Just about any place that offers swamp buggy or airboat rides probably knows where the gators are. Everglades National Park would surely be on top of the list to watch these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. You might find them basking in the sun by the road side, or simply gliding along the water’s edge looking for a meal! Do not miss the chance to see an alligator show; it is truly a unique and exciting experience! You will probably get the chance to pet an alligator and take home some fantastic pictures for remembrance!

Disney Orlando
Your great Florida vacation wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Walt Disney World Orlando! It’s the best place for both grown-ups and kids to have a good time!

If you’re thinking about a Disney vacation, you have several options.  First, Walt Disney World is very diverse.  It’s primarily composed of:

  • The Magic Kingdom
  • Disney Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Blizzard Beach
  • Typhoon Lagoon

And more to see, in this greatest of all the Florida tourist attractions!

Planning your visit to Disney World
Crowds, weather and choice are probably going to be the three main things of consideration when planning your visit to Disney World Orlando.

Although it’s easy to say you must visit every park when you go to Walt Disney World, it might not be that easy. For example, first-time visitors to the Mouse have a tendency to try and visit every park. That’s fine if you have a two week vacation, but a little more difficult on a five day visit.

You also need to take into account the members of your party. Some rides have restrictions in how tall you need to be to ride an attraction, or your general health. Pregnancy, a back problem or motion sickness are all fairly typical reasons for not visiting a particular ride.

Although Disney World attracts visitors from all walks of life, there is no denying that it’s a huge draw for families. It goes without saying that school and public holidays play a big part in crowd levels, so it stands to reason that if you can avoid visiting during Christmas, Easter or the Summer Holiday’s then do it. The other major factor is the weather. The weather between June and September is the warmest and most humid, this is met with the highest rainfall. If you can’t stand the heat, December and January is definitely for you.

Where should I stay during my Disney World Vacation?
The choice of accommodation available around Orlando varies from the budget motel types, to upscale suite hotels. There is also a thriving vacation rental market in Orlando, so you could spend your whole Disney World vacation in a private vacation villa with its own private pool.

Alternatively, Disney World has many of its own resorts that offer perks above and beyond staying in a standard hotel.

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