Tips and tricks for Everglades fishing

Many Everglades fish species are found in lakes, brackish rivers, backcountries, bays, springs, clear rivers, etc. At the mushy areas, most of the fish are aggressive. You will need heavy rods, correct lures and lines to battle the feisty creatures.

The aggressive bass use battling strategies to evade hooks and the bass will swiftly escape fishing lines if you are not prepared.

Here are a few tips that might help you on your fishing trip at the Everglades:

There is no magic bait for the bass; they will take shiners, top waters, spinners and plastic worms, just like in any other Florida waters. Double digit bass is the norm as you get pretty big fish out there! Use a float or free-line them near a structure (lily pads, logs, sunken trees, etc.) and hold on tight.

Try to use Attractor Beads, Luminous Tube, and flashy things on your rig near the hook to help attract fish to your bait. Large shiners are worth the money spent on them, as you are sure to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Your basic freshwater lures will work for both salt & fresh fish. Make sure to “juice” your lures up with aerosol spray or YUM, Bang, or your favorite scent.

When going out on your fishing trip, take a variety of bait with you. Usually pilchards, bonito, and mackerel work well.

The best way to have a productive and memorable fishing adventure in the Everglades would probably be to take one of the many fishing charters provided all around the park. Using guides will provide you the tools you need to catch Everglades’ largest bass. The guides offer several benefits: these licensed men and women are trained to handle fishing needs.

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