Private airboat rides at everglades

Feel the wind rush through your hair as you glide along exploring nature’s River of Grass with your family and friends on your own private air boat ride! It’s going to be an adventure of a lifetime!

Everglades Safari Park has a modern fleet of airboats of all sizes, capable of accommodating singles, couples, families  and large groups. Private air boat rides are scheduled at your convenience subject to availability.

Stop by to see an alligator basking in the hot Florida sun, or wait for a shy manatee to come back to the surface for a breath, enjoy your journey at your own pace and preference! Our experienced tour guides will describe the wonders of this unique ecosystem and the native and exotic wildlife that inhabit it.

Everglades Safari Park offers various private air boat tours for those who prefer a more personal Everglades experience.

Private air boat rides on offer at Everglades Safari Park:

Private Eco-Adventure Tour
What better way to get a first hand experience of the Everglades than aboard your own safari airboat? This thrilling private airboat ride takes you to the legendary Everglades National Park, recognized as the most unique ecosystem in Florida. Experience the beauty of the millions of acres of grasslands and hardwood hammocks with your friends and family! Our professional tour guides will help you encounter alligators and other exotic wildlife in their habitat as you glide through this River of Grass.

Private Jungle of Wilderness Tour
Voyage deep into the wilderness of the Everglades, aboard your own Safari airboat! Encounter alligators, turtles, deer, wild hogs, raccoons, native flora and fauna & other exotic wildlife as you maneuver through this secretly preserved jungle of wilderness. Experience the tranquility of the Everglades and discover the mysteries it boasts. Our professional tour guide will narrate your trip while you experience breathtaking panoramic views of the Everglades National Park.

Private Island Hopping Tour
Stop at remote, uninhabited islands, exploring ancient Indian campsites as you make your way through the Everglades’ lush vegetation aboard your own Safari airboat! Keep your cameras focused as you are sure to discover many primeval artifacts that date as far back as 800 years! Let your imagination take you back in time and learn about historic legends and traditions of the olden times! Everglades Safari Park’s personal tour guide will illustrate and describe nature’s wildlife and how it integrates with this delicate ecological landscape. Observe untouched hardwood hammocks that view over this natural and well-preserved wonder. An exciting trip you will not forget!

Sunset Tour
A romantic and exhilarating sunset tour on your own private safari airboat would be the perfect way to end your wonderful adventure at Everglades Safari Park. Watch a glorious sunset spectacle create a mystical atmosphere with a mosaic of colours transforming before your eyes!! It is sure to leave you breathless! As nightfall approaches, experience Nature’s wildlife and their diverse behaviors take place in this amazing wilderness. This magical, mystical escapade will leave you in awe!

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