How we Rescued the American Alligator from Extinction

American Alligators were once on the endangered species list. Today, more than one million alligators can be found throughout Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia. Through a number of different conservation efforts, the American alligator thrives once again today. When you visit the Everglades, you will come face to face with the Everglades alligator – a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

How Alligator Conservation Works
Collecting alligator skins was once a highly profitable trade. The money that could be made from hunting alligators encouraged many hunters to kill large numbers of alligators, which, in turn, lead to the near extinction of alligators. Today, alligators are protected from hunters. This protection has lead to the drastic increase of alligators.

Even though alligators are thriving today, there are still some things that could place these creatures back on the extinction list. Often, it is hard to discern an alligator from a crocodile, and many alligators are killed due to this confusion. Another problem is that humans are quickly taking over alligator territory. New developments are driving alligators (and other species) out of their homes.

Fun Alligator Facts
Alligators are fascinating creatures. Not only are alligators strong and fierce, but they are also fast. Here are some fun alligator facts:

  • The American Alligator can swim up to 16 miles per hour – that’s fast!
  • Alligators eat all kinds of creatures including birds, small animals, and sometimes other alligators!
  • It is not uncommon for an American Alligator to get into a fight with a python or other dangerous creature.
  • Alligators are actually members of the crocodile family – no wonder they look alike!
  • The American Alligator was alive when dinosaurs roamed the earth!

When you visit the Everglades, you are sure to see a few alligators. While it’s not a good idea to stand next to an alligator, allow your dog to sniff an alligator, or try to wrestle with an alligator, it is a good idea to spot as many alligators as you can during your trip. There are many creatures that call the Everglades home, but none of them are quite as captivating as the American Alligator.

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