Everglades Safari Park: The Best Place for an Unforgettable Airboat Experience

When you sign up for an airboat ride, you’ll be signing up for an adventure you won’t soon forget. Airboats are the optimal vessel for exploring the Everglades. In fact, an airboat ride ranks amongst the top fun things to do in South Florida. Why? Airboats aren’t quite boats, but they’re not airplanes either. These one of a kind machines are the best mode of transport for shallow waters.

What Is an Air boat?
An airboat (also called a fanboat) is a type of boat that’s propelled by a large aircraft-like propeller. These propellers do not sit inside of the water like regular boat propellers do. Instead, an airboat’s propeller sticks out of the back of an airboat (never making contact with the water). Since these boats do not get stuck in swampy waters, they are an ideal way to explore alligator farms and to view other Everglades wildlife.

Even though airboats are mainly used to bring visitors through the Everglades, these boats serve other purposes as well. Airboats have been proven to be indispensible when it comes to rescuing people from shallow waters. Airboats are often brought to areas that have been devastated by flood waters.

How to Dress For an Airboat Ride
It’s best to dress warmly on the day of your scheduled airboat ride. These boats can go very fast, and you’ll want to stay warm! It’s also a good idea to leave any loose articles of clothing behind. Hats, visors, sunglasses, and other light items may wind up inside the swamp if left on an airboat.

While wearing contact lenses is not a problem, it’s a wise idea to wear sunglasses if you wear contact lenses. The speed of an airboat can easily cause contact lenses to dry out. You can bring cameras and other digital items on an airboat, but the possibility of being sprayed by swamp water is a real one (waterproof cameras are the best option!).

What to Expect from Your Air boat Ride
There’s no better way to get up close and person with Everglades wildlife than to book an airboat ride. Not only are these boats powerful and fast, but they also provide the best way to view alligators and other creatures. You can expect to see an abundance of wildlife while enjoying your airboat ride.

You can also expect to be sprayed with a bit of water, to enjoy the Florida sunshine, and to intrude upon the secret life of alligators. From the moment your airboat ride starts, you’ll realize why so many people from all around the world book airboat rides every year. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a fast moving airboat!

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