Best Attractions in the Everglades

Every year thousands of tourists flock to the Everglades National Park, especially during the winter months when the mosquito count is low. There are several key attractions and Everglades events that are a “must see.”

  • Alligator Farm: A privately owned alligator farm which originally started as an airboat ride attraction in 1979 was started in an effort to prevent the American alligator from becoming extinct after it was placed on the list of endangered species one decade before. The farm is not part of Everglades National Park however it is located on the rim of the Everglades. During your visit to the alligator farm you can take in many Everglades alligator events such as alligator shows and feeding demonstrations.
  • Anhinga Trail: The Anhinga Trail is a half mile trail with a raised boardwalk to allow you to enjoy the sights of the alligators and water birds during specific seasons of the year and is located in the far places of the Everglades. It is considered part of the Everglades National Park and is on the US National Register of Historic Places.
  • Everglades National Park: This Park is the only pristine portion of the original Everglades acreage. You can enjoy the many hiking trails that provide you with views of the wildlife, plant life, and animal species, visitor centers, camping and recreation, and other attractions such as the Mangroves, Pinelands, and Tropical Hardwood Hammocks.
  • Shark Valley: This area is located within close proximity to the Big Cypress Preserve with access to Shark River Slough which is one of the primary fresh water routes in the Everglades which attracts many species of wildlife. The valley contains a paved 15 mile road which you can travel on foot to explore the Everglades.
  • Paradise Key and Royal Palm: This area was one of the first parts of the Everglades that were preserved in the early 1900s. It contains some of the largest palm trees and sawgrass marshes which attract wading birds and other wildlife.

These are a few of the places you should not miss when you visit the Everglades. The Everglades National Park is also known for its many visitor centers which will help guide you to additional interesting attractions.

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