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Interested in eco tour around Everglades? Simply hop in to one of our boats for an amazing eco tour you will never forget. With knowledgeable tour guides and long boat rides, learn the importance of Everglades.

How we Rescued the American Alligator from Extinction

American Alligators were once on the endangered species list. Today, more than one million alligators can be found throughout Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia. Through a number of different conservation efforts, the American alligator thrives once again today. When you … Continue reading

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Everglades Safari Park: The Best Place for an Unforgettable Airboat Experience

When you sign up for an airboat ride, you’ll be signing up for an adventure you won’t soon forget. Airboats are the optimal vessel for exploring the Everglades. In fact, an airboat ride ranks amongst the top fun things to … Continue reading

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American Alligators: Fascinating Facts about the Largest Reptile in the USA

Not too long ago, the American Alligator was on the brink of extinction. Through a number of conservation efforts, these amazing creatures thrive today. American Alligators can be found throughout the swamplands of the southeastern United States, and many of … Continue reading

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